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Serving the Tri-Cities area for over 20 years, Hafen Financial provides one-stop shopping for people planning to retire, whether it be help with long term care, income planning, Medicare, investment and tax advice, and much more.

Maximizing social security

Many of our clients in Richland, Walla Walla, and Kennewick, Washington tell us that social security will probably make up a substantial portion of their income. In fact, the official Social Security Administration website says that Social Security income replaces about the 40 percent of earned income for the average retired American. At the same time, most retirees miss the chance to maximize social security benefits just because they don’t even realize they can.


Retirement Income Planning

Each day the Retirement Integrity Resources team creates Social Security benefits analysis and retirement income strategies reports for individuals who desire not to run out of money in retirement. For over 20 years, Dee Dee Hafen and her team of professionals have developed strategies for couples and individuals who desire to minimize risk in the markets yet have secure lifetime income.

Tax free retirement

In the past, financial advisors may have suggested putting savings into tax-deferred products. The logic they relied on was that you needed tax breaks more during your working years and would not require as much income during retirement. They might also have predicted that since your income would be lower after you stopped working, your tax rate would also decrease. However, past experiences with taxes, the economy, and retirement have demonstrated that this kind of thinking has some serious flaws.

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